PreK 5 Program

Our PreK 5 program focuses on the individual growth and development of each student in a small group, providing a solid academic and social-emotional foundation. 

Our Classroom teaches up to 8 children with a certified PreK through 3 teacher of many years experience. 

The program follows the Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Social Skills curricula between September and June.  Summer themes continue to review and develop the students' newly acquired skills before they start Kindergarten in the Fall. 

According to most recent research, children learn best in a child centered educational environment where experience a mixture of direction and freedom. This allows them to follow their interests, develop decision making, problem solving and creative thinking skills.  Our program provides children with exactly this optimal setting to learn and grow.

Children have ample time and materials indoor and outdoor to engage in supported as well as independent play experiences which enhance their:
a. oral language,
b. communication skills,
c. emotional intelligence and self expression,
d. ability to problem solve,
e. interpersonal skills in groups,
f. executive functioning skills. 

These are all essential for success in school settings and beyond. 

Students graduate from the Rainbow Center PreK 5 program with not only academic confidence but social and emotional growth and complete readiness for a larger school setting.  

For more information about our program and visit our facility e- mail us at 


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